6 Daily Routines of Successful People


Being an entrepreneur is tough. You gotta put in the grind. You gotta do things that other people would never, ever do.

Here are some daily routines that entrepreneurs need to get used to as they shoot for success.

1. Getting up early… and staying back late.

We’ve talked before about why you should get up early. As an entrepreneur, that’s just part of the deal.

You have to work more and longer hours than anyone else to make your enterprise succeed.

This doesn’t mean comprising your health – but it can mean staying back at the office when everyone else is gone for the day.

If you don’t get up, start working pretty much right away and still be working right before you fall asleep… you really don’t want success bad enough.


2. No bottle service.

Sarah and Natasha and Jennifer asking you to come to the club on Friday? Sorry, you’re not going to make it.

If you spend your weekends chasing tail (or doing anything similar), then you don’t want success bad enough.

There’s a stereotype of entrepreneurs turning down all sorts of social functions and parties all the time – and it’s true for a reason.

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3. Say no.

Get used to saying no to both good and bad things.

If you want to make your business rock, the time has to come from somewhere. It should be from the things that you would normally do but get minimal value out of – family dinners, drinks on a Friday, television all come mind.

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4. Dripping sweat.

Get ready to sweat a lot. I’m talking buckets full of hot, rancid sweat that just streams down your face.

As an entrepreneur you need to work hard – and be prepared to work harder than you have ever before. You need to be prepared to do this for 3, 4, 5+ years – whatever it takes until you exit.

You also have to generate actual sweat. Nothing will make you a better entrepreneur and business person that working out. Go lift heavy 3x a week and learn to eat clean. Get used to this because it will fuel you – and remember, it is you that fuels your business.’

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5. Single-minded obsession.

One of my mentors wrote about this recently.

You need single-minded obsession to make entrepreneurship work.

If you’re not talking about your work every waking minute and then dreaming about it at night, you don’t want success bad enough.

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6. Knowing what the f* you are doing.

While the rest of the world is allowed to stumble into the office and kind of work out what the day will hold, you don’t get the luxury.

You need to have a CRYSTAL CLEAR idea of what you are doing THE DAY BEFORE, and then rock up with 8 cylinders firing. You need to know exactly what your business priorities are, and hit them hard.

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To Sum It Up

Those are just some of the things that entrepreneurs have to do on a daily basis to kick-ass and succeed. If you want to learn how, I write about similarly raw cutting-edge ideas in Asian Efficiency’s Premium Newsletters. You can sign up for free here.

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