5 YouTube Artists You Should Be Listening to

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Max Schneider. Max started his music career on Broadway and has taken the YouTube music scene by storm.  A natural talent, Max is an actor, dancer, and musician.  Also, he’s ridiculously good looking.

Michelle Montezeri.  This 21-year-old beauty has been playing piano and writing music since she can remember and wants to make a difference through music.  Her single, “Fly Away” is available on iTunes.

Madilyn Bailey Hailing from a small town in Wisconson, Madilyn Bailey has taken YouTube by storm reaching over 750,000 subscribers and over 100 million views in the last two years.  Her cover of Titanium hit number 2 on the iTunes US Singer Songwriter charts and has been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube.

Emily Louise Trueman.  British singer and aspiring actress Emily Louise Trueman got her YouTube break in 2013 when her sister recorded her signing “Girl on Fire” with her cell phone.  In one week it got over a million views and 200,000 shares.  She’s also the sweetest girl ever. 

Megan Nicole.  Texas native Megan Nicole discovered her love for singing in fourth grade while playing with her family’s karaoke machine.  Since then she’s developed a fan base of over 2 million people, get over 23 million views on her first single “B-e-a-utiful,” and is preparing to release her debut album this year.

Liz is a journalist and marketing specialist based in Orange County. She has experience in digital media advertising, project management, and editing. Aside from writing Liz loves reading, travel, and all things adventure. She is also obsessed with hashtags.
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