5 Reasons You Don’t Get Sh*t Done


Been staring at the same spreadsheet all day?

Feel like a hamster stuck in a wheel?
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As entrepreneurs and business people, it totally sucks when you can’t get things done. Sometimes it’s on you, and sometimes it’s not.

At Asian Efficiency we spend a lot of time showing people how to get things done. Today we’re going to show you 5 reasons WHY you’re not getting things done.

1. You’re too ADD.

The first and most common problem with entrepreneurs is that they’re ADD. I’m not talking about the medical condition. I’m talking about the modern-day business usage of the term to describe those people who lack discipline and FOCUS.

You need discipline. Like Bruce Lee-levels of discipline.

You need to learn how to kick your own ass to work on something through to completion. You need to take whatever you want to do and hone in on it – put it on a sticky note in front of you if you need to.


2. You’re waiting for tomorrow.

Remember, there is no such thing as tomorrow. What happens tomorrow is determined by what you do today.

Are you going to be a champ… or are you going to bow out?

Whenever something has the option of happening today or tomorrow… it happens today.


3. You have no #%@@#$ idea why you’re doing something.

If you’re doing something without purpose you’re not really doing it at all. Doing thing just for the sake of doing them or to look busy is a fool’s errand (does clearing email after email after email come to mind?).

Simply put: you better have a damn good reason for doing something. And then do it well.

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4. You don’t know how to hack time.

Hacking time is a skill. It’s what we teach at Asian Efficiency.

Everyone has the same 24 hours every day and it’s up to you how to make the most of them.

What most people don’t realise is that if you want to hack time and get more time to do the things that really matter – that time has to come from somewhere. It comes from your commutes (work from home), it comes from boring office meetings (hold them standing up) and it comes from your lunch break (learn about intermittent fasting).

Learn how to steal back your time.

If you’re waiting for people, check and clear email on your phone.

If you’re eating lunch alone, double up that time and use it to scroll your Facebook newsfeed.

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5. Your people suck.

There are two types of people in your life. Those that help prop you up when you need it (and when you don’t). And those that suck and drain the lifeblood out of you.

If your team or the people around you (friends, family) are mental, emotional or time vampires (or some bastard hybrid)… you’ll never get anything done. You’re going to end up spending all your time metabolising all that paleo food… and then getting the energy sucked up by the people around you.

You need to draw strong boundaries with these people. Some will change – and end up helping you. Some will flinch – and those are the ones that have to go.

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In Closing

Those are 5 simple reasons why you never get anything done. Some are on you, some are because of other people.

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