5 Common Foods to Stop Eating Now – And What to Eat Instead


Today’s entrepreneurial lifestyle is more fast-paced than ever, leaving modern executives little time to tend to their personal health – or even regulate what they eat. It’s not just entrepreneurs – most people today aren’t getting nearly enough high quality, nutrient-rich foods their daily diets.

To make matters worse, food marketing companies have probably misled you as to what foods you think are nutritious. Even if you think you’re mostly healthy, these common foods might be making you tired, groggy, and sluggish: the last thing you need when you’re a performance-driven entrepreneur! Small changes matter more at the highest levels of performance.

With the dramatic rise in obesity and gluten-related allergies we’ve seen in recent decades, the mainstream nutrition industry is finally rethinking the low-fat, high-grain, and overly processed Standard American Diet (SAD) they’ve touted for years. So are the most successful entrepreneurs.

Here are 5 foods most commonly mistaken to be healthy imposters. I’ve paired each bad food with a good food counterpart to explain what you should be eating for optimal nutrition, and why.

1. Stop Eating: Margarine

Eat Instead: Grass-fed Butter and Avocados

Why: Look around and rejoice: healthy fats are finally making a comeback! Margarine is a highly processed chemical substitute for butter that has no nutritional value; worse, it causes damage to your cardiovascular system. Everyone already seems to know that avocado is a ‘healthy fat,’ but don’t forget that grass-fed butter is too! Plus it’s delicious, and it makes your vegetables taste significantly better. Grass fed butter does not cause inflammation the way industrial-cow-derived butter does.


2. Stop Eating: Bananas

Eat Instead: Citrus and Berries

Why: You shouldn’t lump fruit in with vegetables when you think of healthy snack, because most fruits have so much harmful sugar (called fructose) that they aren’t worth eating compared to vegetables. Bananas will spike your blood sugar and leave you craving snacks when you crash later the same day. Think of fruit as a dessert to eat sparingly. Your best bets are lower-sugar fruits like lemons, limes, strawberries, and blackberries. So when a magazine lumps “fruits-and-veggies” together as if they are the same thing, now you know better.


3. Stop Eating: Bread and Pasta

Eat Instead: White Rice and Sweet Potatoes

Why: Gluten contains a substance called lectin that causes holes in your GI tract, which leads to autoimmune issues. It also causes food cravings and activates opiate receptors in the brain the same way opiates do. Gluten is shown to cause weight gain and brain fog. Many people are finding that they have gluten allergies or sensitivities, and often feel much better and lose weight when they go off of it. Try it and see how you feel! Gluten has no place in the diet of a top performing human being.


4. Stop Eating: Tofu and Soy

Eat Instead: Grass-fed Meat

Why: Many recent studies show that processed soy products, including tofu, hurt your health because they slow thyroid function, inhibit mineral absorbtion, and contain excessive inflammatory fats. You need a lot of protein for optimal performance and brain function, and these are best obtained by consuming plenty of grass-fed beef, lamb, eggs, and wild fish. Among other reasons, grass-fed animals are significantly higher in omega-3 fatty acids and other key nutrients than grain-fed meat from conventional corn eating livestock.


5. Stop Drinking: Coconut Water

Eat Instead: Water, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil or Brain Octane™ Oil

Why: Coconut water has made a comeback under the guise of a health beverage that we’d be remiss not to address it. Most commercial coconut waters are pasteurized and contain loads of sugar without the benefits that other coconut products have. Drink water instead. But don’t misunderstand: fresh raw coconuts have many diverse health benefits! In particular, coconut oil and its powerful extract Upgraded™ Brain Octane are the best healthy oils for eating and cooking!


The More You Do, The Better You’ll Feel

These 5 are some of the most commonly found foods you can easily replace with more nutritious and delicious alternatives.

But these tips are literally just that: the tip of the iceberg! This awareness is the first step toward a higher performing you, and there’s a lot more to know. Take coffee, for example: high quality Upgraded Bulletproof Coffee can be great for you, but the low quality mold-toxin-filled beans mass produced and sold at most coffee chains and grocery stores won’t cut it if high performance is your game.

To help you get started, you can download the comprehensive Bulletproof® Diet infographic. It breaks down the spectrum of foods from best to worst, so you know what to eat to feel and perform at your very best. Remember that self-improvement, and not perfection, is the goal of being Bulletproof. Any steps you take now toward improved health will greatly benefit you in the future.

To learn more about the Bulletproof® Diet, download the #1 ranked Bulletproof Executive Radio podcast, and make the best cup of coffee in your life, visit Bulletproofexec.com.

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