How Richard Branson Toasted Entrepreneurs in 2014


The thought on every entrepreneur’s mind right now should be “2014 is going to be my year.” It’s a year of so much potential, a view that billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson also shares. In a post for LinkedIn Influencers, Branson posted a new year’s salute to all entrepreneurs appropriately titled “The Year of the Entrepreneur” that was packed with some startup wisdom. Here are three tips from Branson’s post to keep in mind this year.

1. Don’t focus on the money.


Sometimes young entrepreneurs need to be reminded that the game isn’t about the money. “The entrepreneurs who will succeed in 2014 will need to focus upon having a purpose beyond profit for their business.” Helping people or making the world a better place would be the best causes to start working for.

2. Use technology to focus on the big picture.


Branson knows that technology always makes being an entrepreneur easier. “Because of this, new entrepreneurs have more time to think about the bigger picture and work out how to grow their business, rather than fretting about every detail.”  Focusing on the bigger picture as opposed to getting caught up in the small details keeps a business moving forward so take advantage of new technology in growing your startup.

3. Pick and manage your team well.


“Don’t get me wrong, there are still a thousand and one things for every entrepreneur to focus upon, and you need a great team of people around you and good delegation skills to utilise them.”  The smartest entrepreneurs know that the startup team is everything and being a good business leader is crucial to reach success.

Branson ended his post with the most important point for entrepreneurs everywhere- “Screw it, just do it!”


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