10 Beautiful Offices That Will Put Your Workplace to Shame

It has been said that creating a working environment people love will increase productivity more than simply just giving them a raise. Here are ten offices that embody this notion to the max.

Moo.com – England, London

_MG_7961 _MG_8002 _MG_8039

Images via triflecreative.com

Airbnb – San Francisco, California

Airbnb04.HelynnOspina-700x455 Airbnb10.HelynnOspina-700x455 Airbnb01.RobertHatch-700x455


 Images via Helynn Ospina, Robert Hatch, and Chad Riley

 DropBox HQ – San Francisco, California

dro2_9 dro_7 dro2_7 dro_9

Images via boorbridges.com

Hub – Madrid, Spain





Images via chqs.net

Square – San Francisco, California

square7 square4 square5 square11

Images via californiahomedesign.com

Path – San Francisco, California

path-06 path-13 path-07 path-10

Images via geremiadesign.com 

LivePerson – New York, New York

05_2013-05.09-LivePerson-60 01_2013-05.09-LivePerson-14 03_2013-05.09-LivePerson-117 02_smaller

Images via studiomapos.com

Migo – Manila Philippines


37signals – Chicago, Illinois

_2303524074  _0914283303

Images via 37signals.com

Foursquare – New York, New York

but-theres-also-shuffle-board naturally-it-displays-an-eclectic-collection-of-vinyl opposite-the-vinyl-conference-room-is-an-open-common-space-that-is-flooded-with-sunlight-next-to-it-is-the-amphitheater-above-it-is-a-balcony-foursquare-has-already-started-leasing-some-space-on-the-floor-above
Images via Business Insider

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